It seems like only yesterday that I was volunteering for the MCBF 2010. That was my second year of uni at MMU but in reality, it really kicked me into gear again. It had been a long time since I had done anything of the sort – four years or more at the very least! It was great to dive in again and do what I could. I proved myself capable more than anyone expected, I think.

Come 2012 and I was back. I was just about to graduate and it seemed like the perfect opportunity to end my student life before heading out to make it as a writer (I’m still working on that bit, but it’s coming along). There were plenty of highlights along the way but now it’s 2014, it’s year three of the book festival and once again…I’m back.

Why am I back again?

That’s a good question. The first two festivals proved to me and those around me that I could do it – and by it, I mean a lot of things. I never had a set role; I would just fill in as needed. I was flexible although I did miss the Family Fun Day in 2012 and I’ll be missing it again in 2014. I’m cursed!

I’m taking a much smaller role this time. I’m volunteering at a number of events and while I’ll always be ready to step up if needed, there’s a part of me that hopes I don’t need to. I’ll offer advice when people need and want it and ensure disaster doesn’t hit but this festival is for a new generation. I’m passing the torch, so to speak. I’ve been involved since the beginning and this is my last festival as a volunteer in this way – I expect!

My other role has been to work with the Media Team and share with them blogging advice, techniques and tips. How to use keywords and search engines to their advantage and while social media is so important to them, the festival and all festival goers. Again, I’m here to help them throughout but I’ve noticed how capable they are so I don’t think they’ll need me much – if at all.

A highlight

The 2012 MCBF will always be special to me as I got to meet one of my favourite writers – the fantastic Philip Pullman! I love his books and writing style and it was amazing to be able to meet one of the writers who is such a big influence over my own work. I look so happy in this picture but it’s all I’ve got!

Meeting Philip Pullman
Philip Pullman with myself and a bunch of volunteers from the MCBF 2012!

That’s just another bonus of doing this stuff – you get to meet some awesome people, both established writers and other volunteers. It’s definitely worth it!

Keeping up with it all

The festival is going to run for a couple of weeks and if you can’t make it then all is not lost! The Media Team will be covering every single event and blogging about them so you can keep up with anything you might miss – you never know what you might learn. Not only that, they’ll be Tweeting (sometimes live Tweeting) so that’s a great way to keep up with them. I’m in a good mood so here are find the official MCBF blog and Twitter pages.

While the festival itself may end – that’s not the end of everything. Events take place throughout the year that you can keep track of and in some cases, you might find them to be of use or benefit to you. Keep up with them socially and some of their emerging talent through the Humanity Hallows blog.

Just don’t forget about me, okay?

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