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The cover of Introductions: Volume One on an e-reader

Introductions: Volume One

Four worlds. Eleven Stories. Life-changing events.

General Matthews prepares his agents on the newly completed Orbital Station Delta for the arrival of a new, dangerous enemy approaching Earth.

Adrian and Julia deal with losses that shatter their worlds, while laying the foundations for the new journeys they’re about to embark on.

Flashes from the corner of the eye, memories that don’t make sense and shells that can be swapped at will prove that the world has changed, but why is no one talking about it?

Tymur and his companions race against time to reach and defend Farinflow, but first they must pass through Nightstone Valley and stop the soldiers looking to flank the port.

The cover for Introductions: Volume One by Dave McCreery. Stretched stars, as seen in when spaceships enter high-speed travel stand out from a dark blue background. The tagline reads "Four worlds. Eleven stories. Life-changing events"

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Introductions: Volume One is a collection of short stories that gives you a taste of my writing style, as well as the characters and worlds in my upcoming books.

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Introductions: Volume One