This is a collection of my writing, from creative to blogs to web content. More will be added as and when need. Each example will either be a PDF file or a link to a live page. There won’t always be images to accompany these pieces due to their formatting but I have endeavoured to keep them as accurate to their original forms as possible.

I must ask that none of the work listed on this page is saved longer than necessary or distributed in any way without written confirmation, nor publicise the names of any companies/brands mentioned. I have permission to use all pieces listed on this page.


Blogs are one of the most common and popular content forms available. There are so many out there, on a range of topics and in a variety of styles that there is literally something for everyone. They are becoming increasingly visual and video content is also starting to become more prevalent but the written word will never go out of style. These examples are providing value to the user while still offering SEO value.

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Website/Landing Page Content

Website content is the bread and butter of anything digital. Websites need content. Users need to know what they’re seeing and why they should stay on that page, buy a product or service or give their time to a brand. It’s also important for the search engines, which uses content as a way to determine what pages should appear in search results for various terms – one way of many.

Press Releases/News pieces

Press releases serve to deliver news. The type of news depends on the content’s creator – it could be the launch of a new product or service, a change to company policy, a success story or a number of other reasons. They are often published in the press – or form the basis of a news story – as well as in specific publications (both online and offline) and on the creator’s website. They can be general pieces or have a specific targeting criteria.


Articles are not commonly used any more but there was a time when they held quite a lot of significance – especially for SEO purposes. With Google algorithm updates, they fell out of favour in place of quality blog and web content that adhered to more structured rules – all aimed at providing real value to the user. Nonetheless, I still had to follow a brief to create these, primarily informative, pieces of content.

Creative Writing

I studied creative writing at university – it is the most enjoyable form of writing for me personally – but it gave me the skills needed to meet deadlines, write in genres and styles outside of my comfort zones and tell stories. What I’ve learned is that people love stories and more content needs to adopt this practise to really connect to an audience. These examples are ten years apart but show how much I’ve changed in that time, and the talent I have.

Social Media posts

Social media content comes in many forms; written, visual, audio, video and I’ve experience of creating and sharing it all. Below are some examples from a campaign that were designed based on my concept, using a new branding and style.