About me

So, you want to know a bit about me? Well, if you insist

Born in Edinburgh in 1988, I’ve always considered that to be home, despite moving around Scotland and England every six-eight years or so. Story telling has fascinated me since I was young and I lived in worlds I created that I longed to share.

In my teens, I started writing seriously but it wasn’t until moving to Manchester in 2009 that my writing really took off. Through studying English and Creative Writing at Manchester Metropolitan University and beginning a career as a Content Writer in Digital Marketing, I learned to write in genres and styles beside those I had grown to love.

Reading is a big part of my life, even though there was a stage where I fell out of love with it. Believe it or not, Star Wars brought me back. I was captivated by this world when the films were re-released in the 90s and discovering the Expanded Universe (now known as Legends) helped me not only start reading again but introduced me to dozens of authors and their own works. From there, I was able to find authors and worlds in a number of genres.

A few of my favourites (in no order) include:

  • Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings (actually, anything Middle Earth)
  • Brent Weeks’ The Night Angel Trilogy
  • Robert Jordan’s The Wheel of Time
  • Stephen King’s The Dark Tower
  • Phillip Pullman’s His Dark Materials
  • Margaret Atwood’s Maddaddam Trilogy
  • Terry Pratchett’s Discworld
  • Frank Herbert’s Dune
  • Anything by Brandon Sanderson!

These heroes, some I’ve been fortunate to meet, have inspired me to keep telling my own stories and, believe me, I have a lot to tell.

To get in touch, please use the contact form found the in the drop-down menu above. I’ll respond as much as I can.