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A paperback copy of Desperate Measures standing upright, angled slightly to show the page edges on the right

Desperate Measures

Desperate Measures, the gripping conclusion to the Weight of the World series, is an exciting military sci-fi adventure. With a last-ditch plan to save humanity from the brink of annihilation and reclaim Earth, there are no second chances.

The aliens won. With humanity facing extinction from an even greater threat, can he find a way to take his home back from the alien invaders?

Ryan Fall has failed. He couldn’t stop another invasion and Earth is under alien control. With the fleet in retreat to protect what’s left of the human race, Ryan is tormented by what he could have done differently.

With his comrades in Flare Squadron, Ryan embarks on his most daring plan yet: a one-way mission back to Earth to save as many people as possible – but they’ll need all the help they can get when they get there.

To reunite with his friends on the surface, Ryan must become the leader he was trained to be. The stakes have never been higher, and the pressure threatens to overwhelm every decision he makes. Only the hope of a better future gives him the strength to keep going.

Survival is not enough. Can Ryan beat the odds and bring peace back to Earth?

The cover of Desperate Measures by Dave McCreery, showing a starfighter opening fire against a grey-green background, with other ships in the distance. The title is in large orange text at the top, and the author's name is a white sci-fi style font. The tagline reads "Hope is the greatest weapon"

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Unsure if Desperate Measures is for you? This is the third and final book in a military sci-fi series featuring mech battles, space combat, and much more.

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