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Watch How I Soar

            Caught in the current. Up and down, side to side, occasionally a twirl to keep it interesting. I dance in ignorance; no one else matters. A burst urges me on. Flutters of yellow, brown and copper add to my amber. We’re perfectly in sync for a few seconds before they leave, caught in the flow. I go my own way. We’re not destined to stay together long but those moments make us something more; beautiful and elegant. I slow down, perilously close to settling on the damp ground. Free from the tree, I can’t stop now. There’s another gale coming…

Published: 2020


Something a little different, this little piece came from a group writing exercise where we all came up with different pieces from the same prop – in this case, a leaf. It was a very windy day outside and I saw plenty blow away, which is where this came from.

Each leaf vanished from view quickly, so it felt perfect for a short, snappy piece.