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A paperback copy of Recall Order standing upright, angled slightly to show the page edges on the right

Recall Order

Recall Order is the second book in the Weight of the World series, following on from Reality Check. It is an exciting military sci-fi adventure, exploring the trauma of war and the tensions of existing with a deadly alien race.

They killed his friends and threatened his home. Will his trauma stop him from preventing another war?

Ryan Fall is haunted by nightmares. With the horrors of fighting extra-terrestrials still fresh in his mind, he tries to escape through Cyber Cycle, his first passion.

When a friend launches a devastating attack on Earth’s government, Ryan is recalled to active service to uncover the truth. Being reunited with his squad brings little comfort when the very aliens who tried to kill him eighteen months ago are assigned to help his squad hunt down the terrorist.

The line between friend and foe blurs, and Ryan’s anger at not knowing who to trust steadily grows. With each new discovery triggering painful memories, any wrong decision could mean those closest to him will pay with their lives.

Can Ryan overcome his rage and stop Earth becoming a battleground?

The cover of Recall Order by Dave McCreery, showing the top half of a mech against an orange background. The title is in large blue text at the top, and the author's name is a white sci-fi style font. The tagline reads "Peace has never been more fragile"

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Unsure if Recall Order is for you? This is the second book in a military sci-fi series featuring mech battles, space combat, sim racing and much more.

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Recall Order (Weight of the World, #2)