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A paperback copy of Reality Check standing upright, angled slightly to show the page edges on the right

Reality Check

Reality Check is a gripping military sci-fi adventure launching the Weight of the World series, and combines experimental high-tech weaponry with the devastating consequences of war against a seemingly superior alien invasion.

They won’t stop. They won’t communicate. Can this hotshot spacepilot and his comrades step up to be Earth’s last line of defense?

Ryan Fall’s recklessness is his own worst enemy. Pushing the limits in every Cyber Cycle race, his risky manoeuvres bring the authorities down on him for underage racing. His only option is to join the advanced mech program – and learn to fight for what really matters.

Under the command of a distant captain, Ryan joins a special-purpose squad and he’s shocked to discover what they’re being trained for. A huge alien armada is bearing down on Earth, and it’ll take every pilot they’ve got to have a chance of survival.

With nowhere to run, every decision the rookie pilot makes could be the difference between the destruction of everything he loves and saving humanity.

Can the wildcard mech pilot focus his skills and end an extra-terrestrial nightmare?

The cover of Reality Check by Dave McCreery, showing the planet Earth in space, as seen from behind a window or viewport. The title is in large yellow text at the top, and the author's name is a white sci-fi style font. The tagline reads "It's worth fighting for"

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Reality Check is available in paperback and ebook formats:

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Reviews on Goodreads

Unsure if Reality Check is for you? This is the first book in a military sci-fi series featuring mech battles, space combat, sim racing and much more.

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Reality Check (Weight of the World, #1)